Autumn Harrison Photography

Webpage Copywriting

About the Client

Meet Autumn Harrison, your new favorite wedding photographer. If you’ve got a soft spot for raw, romantic snaps that really tell a story, Autumn is your gal! She’s got an eye for the artistic and a heart for capturing the real, authentic you. With a knack for witty banter and a passion for raw, romantic, and artistic imagery, Autumn’s work is more than just photos–it’s an intentional, authentic representation of your relationship.

Scope of Work

+ Website copywriting

About the Project

The problem: Halfway through a website redesign, Autumn realized she wanted to add a new service page, but didn’t know how to write copy that would match the rest of her website. She needed help, a pro copywriter, and copy on a quick timeline to keep her web design launch on schedule.

My approach: Autumn and I clicked SO quick on the phone, and I knew (after her admitted love of Schitt’s Creek) that this was a perfect fit. I sat down and scoured her current website, taking note of the style, tone, word choice, and even structure of the pages. I wanted to make sure this webpage felt like it seamlessly fit in with the rest of the site. Then, I opened up a Google Doc and started writing her branding photography service page. It definitely didn’t hurt that her first branding client to showcase was another website copywriting client I had worked with.

I reflected on my notes from calls with Autumn, researched crucial keywords, and even brought my perspective as a business owner (who’s honestly a little overdue for a branding photoshoot) to write her service page.

The final product is a service page that doesn’t just fit in with the rest of Autumn’s website; it’s a love letter to Autumn’s ideal client. It’s about who she is, who her clients are, and the magic that happens when they come together. The page is sprinkled with personality, humor, and yes, a nod to Schitt’s Creek here and there (because who can resist?).

And the best part? Autumn loved it. Not only did the page meet her timeline for the website redesign, but it also exceeded her expectations in terms of style, tone, and impact. What started as a quick copywriting project turned into a powerful piece of her brand story.



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