Red Moxie Media Brands

Website copywriting, blog copywriting + SEO strategy

About the Client

Red Moxie Media houses the brands Pro MediaFire, Pro WebFire, Creativo, and Digital Fire University. All of these brands work together to offer media, web, marketing and strategy to churches and non-profits who are doing good in the world.

Scope of Work

+ Website copywriting
+ Keyword research
+ SEO strategy
+ Blog copywriting

About the Project

The problem: Red Moxie Media wanted to increase their brands’ online presence, increase website traffic, and generate more leads for their sales teams.

My approach: I had to step back and take a look at each brand within the Red Moxie Media house of brands, understand that brand’s voice, target audience, and overall goals. Within each brand, I clarified the brand voice, wrote the website copy, performed keyword research, monitored the website metrics on a monthly basis, and optimized the sites to be found through organic search.

Pro MediaFire is the flagship brand, and I worked to increase their lead generation for their graphic design, video, social media, and strategy services for non-profits.

Pro WebFire is the next largest brand, and they solely provide custom-built websites for churches and non-profits. Maximizing and optimizing their website was essential so they could showcase their web-design skills and work.

Digital Fire University has become an educational hub for church leaders, communicators, and creatives. I performed keyword research and copywriting to ensure their weekly blog posts reach as many people organically as possible.

Creativo is a subscription-based app that provides a library of videos and graphics for social media, and professionally designed website templates all made with church and ministry leaders in mind. I helped bring the brand to life and launch it!

The numbers:
For the Pro MediaFire website, I wrote fresh new website copy – from the home page to SEO-focused service pages – to match the rebranded and updated website look. With over a year of optimizing the website and adding relevant content, organic traffic increased by 50%, traffic from social media increased by 189% and the average time on site increased by 18%.

For the Pro WebFire website, I wrote website copy and advised the developers on how to content structure while the website was being updated. With over a year of optimizing the website and adding relevant content, organic traffic increased by 13% the bounce rate decreased by 17%, and the average number of pages per session increased by 18%.

For the Digital Fire University website, I managed a team to create and optimize over 75 blog posts (and counting!). Since the launch of the website, over 5,000 users have explored the website’s content. The website has received over 71,000 impressions in Google searches and over 2000 visits from organic searches.

For the Creativo website, I wrote all of the content and optimized the site for its official launch in October 2021. Only 1 month after launch, Creativo is appearing on page 1 of Google search results, and reaching its target audience online.



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