Tiny To The Max

Brand Messaging + Website Copywriting

About the Client

Tiny to the Max helps overwhelmed folks maximize even the smallest spaces, find the fun in the process, and turn stress into serenity. Diane, the lead organizer and organizing coach at TTM is tiny-living-obsessed, and after 7 moves in just 15 years, she realized that small spaces force us to focus on what’s important, and she wanted to help others do just that!

Scope of Work

+ Brand messaging
+ Website copywriting
+ Blog copywriting

About the Project

The problem: Diane was pouring her heart, soul, and all of her organization knowledge into a brand new business, Tiny to the Max. With professionally-designed branding and a custom website in the works, she was on the hunt for fresh, vibrant, joyful website copy that would sound as good as her brand’s perfectly polished look! Even though she had a marketing background, she felt that she was too close to the brand and needed an outsider with fresh eyes to get the ball rolling.

My approach: Diane and I kicked things off by rolling up our sleeves and digging deep into her brand’s core message. After a soulful and strategic heart-to-heart chat, and some detailed competitor research, I found the words for the perfect ‘Diane’ narrative that’s bound to hit the sweet spot with her target audience.

Just like she got a mood board and brand guidelines from a branding process, Diane received a personalized Brand Messaging Guide for all things copy, tone, and voice. This guide was brimming with the essence of our strategy session, including brand voice guidelines, catchy taglines, her unique selling proposition, and a fully fleshed-out brand narrative. This wasn’t just any narrative – it was one she could utilize as-is, share with other contractors (like her branding and web designer), or draw upon for inspiration whenever she was crafting a new piece of content.

After we cemented Diane’s brand message, sprinkled with her passion for tiny living and her talent for turning chaos into calm, I started taking on the larger copy projects. I leveraged her unique brand voice—a beautiful blend of joyfulness, sincere passion, and a pinch of playfulness—to draft the copy for her website and then blog posts.

Now, Diane has a website that showcases how impactful her work is and how lively her personality is, as well as one that strikes a chord with those who desperately need help making the most of their small spaces.



Your story deserves to be heard. Stop juggling alllll the marketing pieces for your business by yourself! Together, let’s create content that stops your ideal customers and moves them into action.