Instagram Post Ideas For Small Businesses

There are moments where even the savviest and creative of us get stuck for inspiration. 

And on those days, writing your social media posts feels a bit like squeezing the last drop of shampoo out of the bottle, squeezing so hard that your fingers hurt. 

If you’re just not feeling inspired, writing good social media posts becomes a struggle and often ends up not getting done at ALL. 

Can you relate?

If you have more days than not of you staring blankly at your computer screen, wondering just what to post on Instagram, I’m here for you!

Here are Instagram post ideas that are easy to customize for your brand. 

PSST…. These prompts came from my 366 Content Prompts for Social Media. Snag a year’s worth of post ideas today!

1. A Team Photo or Staff Spotlight

Show off the smiling faces of the hard-working team (and office pets) behind your fantastic organization.

2. Personality Test

Whether it’s Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs, or any of the 100s of other personality tests, share about it! What’s your personality type? Do you feel it’s accurate?

3. Your Favorite Coffee Place

Because who doesn’t love coffee? 

Wait, don’t answer that meant-to-be-rhetorical question. 

And, if I live in your neighborhood, I’d be excited about a new recommendation or a chance to bump into you when getting my caffeine fix.

4. Your View at Work

I always envy people who sit in an office with a window with a breathtaking view of the water, city, or mountains. 

Lucky enough to have an Instagram-worthy view? Share the sight with your followers and post those pics.

5. Your Workspace 

For those of us who don’t have stunning views out the window, there’s another option!

If there’s one thing you see most, it’s probably your desk. So, why not share that space with your following. Messy or not, people love to see process photos and where you make the magic.

Take a wide shot of your entire desk, a close up of what you’re working on, or the little details that make it desk sweet desk like your newest succulent or notepad.

6. A Quote That Inspires Or Encourages You

Share whatever gets you out of bed, sets a fire in your heart, and gets you ready for the day to come. Chances are, your quote will connect with quite a few followers, too.

7. Shout Out A Person Or Business You Admire

Give a nod to a business, brand, or person you look up to. And don’t forget to tag them! A simple shoutout can help increase engagement and profile visits.

8. Answer FAQs

Answering the most frequently asked questions about your brand could help clear any confusion and hesitation on the part of potential customers.

Ask customer service reps and your sales team what questions they get asked the most, so you can answer it before it even gets asked.

9. Repeat A Post That Performed Well In The Past

No, it’s not cheating, I promise!

This is the whole concept behind #tbt and #flashbackfridays.

Save yourself some time by using a tried and true post. If it’s been a few months since the post, you can share it, but if it’s less time, archive the previous post, so it’s not too close together on your grid. 

10. Celebrate Something!

Celebrate good times, c’mon!

When you reach a milestone, take a minute to share that victory with your audience!

Particularly if your audience seeks encouragement from people like you who may be doing something they want to do one day – blogging, running marathons, writing books.

11. Run A Contest or Giveaway

A great way to increase your engagement on social media is to run a contest. The most popular format is encouraging your followers to comment or repost your content.

12. Repost A Photo From A Follower

Giving your followers a shout-out to let them know you’re paying attention to them and that they are essential to you.

13. Your Current Reading List

Whether it’s hot-off-the-presses new, a new bestseller, or a classic, a good book is always welcome. And, you can ask your followers to comment with their favorite books. It’s a win-win: you get fantastic recommendations, and your post gets engagement!

14. After Hours

How do you unplug and unwind after hours? Do you like hiking on weekends? Prefer to cozy up with a book? Soak up the sun at the beach all day? Hang out with friends? Sharing a glimpse of your personal life is always a special treat.

15. Share Your Favorite Social Media Holidays

From #NationalDonutDay to  #InternationalCoffeeDay, there are TONS of social media holidays that are perfect for filling out your content calendar when you’re in a pinch!

More than that, social media holidays are great for sharing relevant, timely content that relates to your brand and products.

We’re halfway there!

All of these prompts came from my 366 Content Prompts for Social Media. You can get a year’s worth of posts for Instagram today!

16. Your Treasured Collection

Most people have more than one of something. 

Have vinyl records from way-back-when? Got a book full of pennies you just can’t bear to part with? Do people say you have way too much make-up, but you love every single shade of those lipsticks?

These collections are the perfect excuse for a cleverly-photographed post and may bring a whole new crew of followers your way.

17. Sneak Peak

Sharing what you’re planning on Instagram is a perfect place to get your audience curious and excited about what you’ve got coming up. Give them a sneak peek at what you’re getting ready to share or launch.

18. Promote Your Email List 

You may think your followers have already heard enough about your freebies or your monthly newsletter, but a quick reminder of what you have to offer is never a bad idea.

19. Behind-The-Scenes

Are you working on a new service, product, or project? Share it with your online community. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable; share your challenges and even the small failures. It makes you and your brand more relatable.

20. The Breathtaking Sunset

Sure, it’s a cliche, but sunsets are a beautiful reminder that the day has ended and tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

21. Partner Brands And Collab Sessions

Do you partner with other companies or people? Get together on social media when you do in real life. Post photos, videos, and interviews; it’s fun and increases engagement.

22. Reality Check

Do a side by side comparison of what you posted to Instagram vs. what was actually going on. Come on. You know you’re guilty of it too. #realstagram

23. Using Your Products

Humanize your brand and your product by showing real people using it. Selling skincare products? Take a break from the pretty styled shoots and flatlays. Put that facial scrub on, then snap and post.

24. Introduce Yourself

It’s good to introduce yourself every once in a while! You’re gaining new followers every day who don’t know who you are, and you’re developing connections with current followers by sharing more about yourself.

25. Currently Reading, Watching, Listening

I know you’re binging something on Netflix, a podcast, or just had a stack of books delivered from Amazon. Share what you love lately.

26. Features

Were you a guest in a blog post or podcast episode. Were you featured in a magazine? 

Share that feature in an Instagram post!

Not only will it point people to the business who mentioned you, but it will legitimize your business and expertise.

27. Your WHY 

You’re getting new followers all the time. Share why you started your blog or business.

28. Your Brand Colors

If you’re looking to create a consistent theme on your Instagram, you can share a photo in your brand colors.

Anything that fits your theme will work – a wall, a coffee mug, a nature shot, or a fun texture or pattern.

You could post a brand color post once a week, and it may help polish and perfect your Instagram grid!

29. Fill-in-the-blank

People are more likely to engage with your posts when you give them a reason to participate. 

Fill-in-the-blank posts or “caption this” Instagram posts are great for creating a two-way conversation with your followers.

30. Share How Your Audience Can Connect With You

It’s possible your followers only follow your Instagram account. They might not know that you also have an Etsy shop, a Facebook group, an email list, and a website. Be sure to remind your audience how else they can contact you.

Whoa… that was a lot. Have you got it all?

There’s no limit to what you can post to Instagram — all it takes is a little creativity!

So next time you’re feeling lost or unsure what to post, think about incorporating these ideas and drawing inspiration from your brand and community.

Were these posts helpful? Get a year’s worth of post ideas in the shop today!

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