8 Tips for Creating Consistent Content

Can posting consistent content help people discover your brand? Absolutely! 

In fact, if your brand isn’t consistently creating and sharing content, you’re missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to get the word out about who you are and what you’re all about.

Are you one of those companies? Here are some tips that will help you keep the content rolling:


1. Keep A List Of Content Ideas

Don’t try to rely on your memory. Instead, keep a note on your phone or a physical notepad so you can write down ideas the minute they pop into your mind.

Whenever I think of a great blog post idea, see a great blog post idea or think of a great blog post title, I keep a record of it. And it’s the same thing with social media. 

I’ve found that what takes up the most time creating content is actually coming up with the idea and taking the time to work out what you will say once you have the idea. 

By keeping a running list, you’ll be able to jumpstart your content creations by simply reviewing your list of ideas and inspirations. And… you’ll be able to batch your content. 

Learn more about creating content in batches here.


2. Plan Multiple Uses During Creation

No matter what content you’re creating – a video, blog post, podcast, or email – you’re investing time and effort into it. So let’s honor that effort and make a plan to use it right off the bat!

When you’re writing a blog, note some powerful quotes or sentences that resonate with you. These smaller pieces of copy can be shared later in the week as a social media post, email, or both!

If you film a video, after post the video on Youtube, share a 30-second clip on social media, linking to the full video. 

Did you pour your heart and soul into a digital product, eBook, or guide? Make a mini version, or a preview for free, to get new email sign-ups. Or use some of the content in your product for a blog post or social media post, and make sure you link the full-price product in those posts too!

It’s easier to break up content into multiple pieces and uses in the middle of the creation process. And then you’ve shortened your workload for the rest of the month by finding multiple uses for your content.  

3. Create Audience-Specific Content

Let’s say you’re really interested in reaching wedding planners to help them market their business better. 

If that’s your ideal audience, you need to create content FOR THEM! 

If you know the problems they’re facing, sit down and write and create. And if you don’t know the problems they’re facing, talk to someone in your ideal audience. When you talk with them directly, you can find out what questions they’re asking, what problems they’re facing, and how you can help. You’ll get content ideas from them. 

4. Focus On What You’re Passionate About

Creating content can quickly feel like a chore… unless you are passionate about the topic. So, first and foremost, pick a topic you are passionate about.

Don’t just pick a topic that you “think” you are passionate about. Pick one that you definitely know you’ll love. It has to be a topic that you love so much that you want to constantly learn more about it. 

I love writing, content creation, and marketing. And the best part about that is these industries are always changing, growing, and improving! So I still have tons to learn and, as a result, tons to share with you! 

If I had to research something that didn’t excite me, like the different architectural styles in ancient Rome or Renaissance art history and art styles, I would dread creating content. Because that’s not my sweet spot, and I’m not going to pretend it is!

5. Repurpose Old Popular Content

I’m all for creating new content that answers a question that you haven’t answered before. But your time is precious, so let’s work smarter, not harder. 

Take a quick look at what already exists for your brand. Are there social media posts that got lots of engagement? Or a blog that is driving lots of traffic to your site? Ding, ding ding! That’s a signal that that content is valuable. 

So first, pat yourself on the back! You did that, and you did it well. Next, repurpose it! Look through what worked in the past, update it for today, and share it again.


6. Consistency Is Key

It’s easier to create content when you’re in a rhythm or routine. Putting it simply, consistency is key! But you already knew that.

Here are a few important places to be consistent in your content creation: 

  • Brand – the tone, look and feel of your content

  • Message – communicating around the same themes or topics

  • Publishing frequency – a set time/date

  • Channels – via the same social media platforms or other media

The biggest thing I can recommend for creating consistent content is setting up a publishing frequency. And it can be different for each platform! Once a week, daily, or whatever you feel, you can keep up with. 

Start small and work up your pace if you feel you can do more. 

For me, I aim to write two blog posts a month. On Instagram, I try to post two to three times a week. Another platform I spend a lot of time on is Pinterest, and I try to post seven to ten times a day on Pinterest. Whew! That can feel daunting some days. But having a clearly defined schedule helps me stay on track and reach my goals.

Insider Tip: Another benefit of having a consistent content creation schedule also helps you to find structure in your day and be more productive in your business.

7. Maximize Automation

Once you have your creation on a schedule or calendar, you’re going to start building a huge library of content. Woohoo!

But let’s make sure that what you create gets out into the world. You can automate social media posts, blog posts, emails, and so much more. 


8. Know When To Ask For Help

If at any point, you feel like you can’t keep up with your content on social media or your website, it might be time to invite outside help. Remember, you want to be focused solely on what you do best. Sometimes that means outsourcing the rest.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! Remember earlier when I mentioned what is and isn’t in my sweet spot? We all have sweet spots, zones of genius, or gifts. If content creation isn’t in your wheelhouse, that’s because you’ve got some amazing talents that serve you and your business better.

I love to tell stories and help businesses make an impact with their content.  Writing content that converts might not be your thing, but it’s mine, and that’s what matters here.

By staying consistent, your dream clients will begin to start noticing and instantly recognizing your content. And when you start to become recognized, your content will cut through the noise even more.

If you need help with copywriting so you can keep posting content consistently, I’m here, ready to answer your questions and get you on a path to consistently creating and sharing. 

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