Flawless Events by Chels

About the Client

Chelsea does it all. Life took an exciting turn when she started having kids, and she found her true calling (and the best balance for both her life and family) as a wedding planner. Now, she’s been planning weddings and events for over seven years. When you talk to her, you can tell pretty quickly that Chelsea has a background in sports: her positive attitude, quick embrace of teamwork, and an eagerness to tackle any challenge thrown her way. Before her time in the wedding world, she was chasing her dream of working in the NFL as a strength and conditioning coach. And that was one thing that made working with her so fun—she didn’t just want to plan a flawless day for her couples. She helps feel them feel their absolute best when they say ‘I do’.

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About the Project

The Problem

Chelsea had a family friend help her build her first website, and her business took off, attracting her ideal clients based on glowing reviews and heartfelt testimonials from previous clients. But her website didn’t feel like her. She was investing in a rebrand and a new website design, but she knew she needed help writing the words to fill the new website in a way that would compliment the glowing testimonials she was getting and continue to attract the right people to her business.

My Approach

Brand Messaging

Before we jumped into website copy, Chelsea and I talked about laying a foundation with brand messaging. Just like she was getting a mood board, brand guidelines, and a fresh new logo that would help her stand out visually online, her words deserved that attention and care, too.

During our two strategy sessions, we talked about who Chelsea is, what her goals are for her business, and most importantly, who she wanted to attract for her event planning and health coaching services. We covered a lot. Those completed brand guidelines doc ended up being more than 20 pages, and they were full of details about her brand voice, who her target audience was, social media bio recommendations, copy prompts for potential nurture emails, research relevant to her goals, and a foundational brand story. The biggest value added though was a tagline and a clear focus on her message. We landed on the key theme and message of

A happier, healthier future

Website Copy

With the soul-searching done and the defined brand voice—earnest, passionate, and a little competitive!—I was ready to take all of these pieces and write write website copy that would resonate with her ideal clients in Flathead Valley, MT. I flexed my creative muscles, leaned on the research I’d done, and even jumped back in my memory to when I was a bride to write this website. What was I feeling? What did I need to hear from a wedding planner? What questions did I have?

But I promise this wasn’t about me. It wasn’t even about Chelsea (yep, even on her about page). Everything went through one final filter before it was ready to go into the very official Google doc for her website copy. That filter was how does this support the couples looking for help, especially those who aren’t local to Flathead Valley and want to plan a destination wedding. With the focus on them and their needs, it was easy to know where (and how) to brag about Chelsea’s skills and services.


Chelsea launched her new website and brand with so much enthusiasm that I ended up doing a happy dance when I opened up the site. She kept some of the rich, elegant details from her old site like pops of purple and gold, but her new site has a vibrancy, a sense of joy, and a peek into Chelsea’s personality that wasn’t previously there. It also 100% takes a village. Karima Creative‘s team took the words I wrote and designed a gorgeous new brand and website for Chelsea. She took the vision in all of our heads and put it on the page.


Your story deserves to be heard. Let’s work together to find to the heart of your story and write the words your clients need to hear.