Four 26 Events

About the Client

Talia has never met a stranger. As the lead event planner at Four 26 Events, she makes sure you, your loved ones, prospects, clients, and stakeholders never feel like one, either. Whether you want a wedding that wows or an engaging conference for your brand, she believes that events keep you connected to the people who matter most. She firmly believes in seeing and celebrating the good in life, and she brings that optimism and excitement to every event she plans (and literally every interaction you have with her).

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About the Project

The Problem

Four 26 Events, a seasoned event planning team led by Talia Hair, was on the brink of an exciting rebrand and website revamp. Talia craved elevated website copy that would pair seamlessly with her fresh branding and new service—corporate event planning. She shared how important taking the time to nail this rebranding journey right from the get-go was. Just like every other business owner, her time is precious, and she was ready to tap into the expertise of those around her to craft website copy that truly reflected her heart for her business and amplified her brand’s digital presence.

My Approach

Brand Messaging

Talia and I agreed that the key to a lasting rebrand and website copy that sounded just like her (so she wouldn’t need to tweak and toy with her website copy every few months) was to establish a solid foundation with her brand messaging. This narrative would serve as the cornerstone for all future content on her website and other copy-related projects.

Those strategy sessions were filled with heartfelt conversations about her personality, her unique work approach, and the type of clients she aimed to attract. We crafted a brand story and an all-encompassing brand guidelines document. Those 20-some pages highlighted her passion for event planning (and all things celebratory), her meticulous attention to detail, and the value her audience could expect when collaborating with her: unparalleled experience and unforgettable moments that turn into lifelong memories.

Website Copy

Next, I utilized her sharply defined brand voice—a blend of timeless elegance, emotional resonance, intentional attention to detail, and infectious joy—to take the heart of her brand message and fill webpages with words that connected.

My pen danced across the page (okay, okay, my fingers danced across the keyboard), but each word was chosen with intention and purpose. Drawing inspiration from our strategy sessions, I infused the copy with the essence of Talia’s personality and her unique approach to event planning. I wanted potential clients to feel her passion, to understand her meticulous attention to detail, and to envision the unparalleled experiences they could expect when entrusting their events to Four 26.

But it wasn’t just about showcasing Talia and her services. It was also about speaking directly to her ideal clients—those dreaming of unforgettable corporate events and weddings. The copy needed to resonate with them, stir their hearts, and assure them that with Four 26 Events, their dreams would be transformed into tangible, lifelong memories.


The final product was a website that not only radiated Talia’s vibrant personality but also harmonized perfectly with her rebranding. It’s a digital space where clients can get a taste of the unforgettable experiences that await them with Four 26 Events. A place where every word echoes the brand’s promise of exceptional event planning, delivered with a balance of professional expertise and heartfelt passion. And most importantly, it’s a website that Talia can proudly call her own, one that truly reflects her heart for her business and amplifies Four 26 Events’ presence in the digital world.


Your story deserves to be heard. Let’s work together to find to the heart of your story and write the words your clients need to hear.