Creating Landing Pages That Convert: Secrets For Conversion-Optimized Copy

If you want to create a landing page that effectively converts visitors into customers, crafting compelling copy is essential. But writing content that resonates with your audience and encourages them to purchase isn’t always easy. After all, you need to connect emotionally with people and inspire them to take action – no small feat!

Crafting compelling copy is an art form (says the totally biased copywriter). But it’s something that can be intimidating for so many business owners. That’s why I’m sharing my top tips to write copy that converts on any landing page–so you can get the results you’re looking for!

What is a Landing Page

When it comes to online marketing and digital advertising, a landing page is a crucial component for success.

When copywriters and marketers talk about landing pages, we’re not talking about any old page on your website. It’s a dedicated page optimized for conversions and built specifically for a certain campaign, offer, or traffic source. 

Examples could be a landing page for a freebie or a lead magnet, or a page for Google Ads specifically built to get new leads or calls to your service-based business. Whatever the purpose is, a good landing page focuses the copy, messaging, design, and offer on a single conversion goal. That’s it. No links to further information. No links in the navigation or footer. No links to multiple conversion goals.

And now you’re like, okay, Sarah and…? So here’s why landing pages matter:

Why Your Business Needs Landing Pages 

If you want to turn your website visitors into loyal customers, you need to care about landing pages. As a business owner, your ultimate goal is to increase conversions and grow your audience. Landing pages help you achieve just that. When you create landing pages, you can target your audience with offers that appeal to them and increase the likelihood of turning those visitors into leads. Not only that, but landing pages can help you capture valuable information about your visitors, such as their interests and preferences. With landing pages, you can

  • optimize your offers

  • reduce your cost per acquisition

  • scale your marketing efforts

Sounds great, right? So now that we know the what and the why, let’s get into the how.

The Essentials For an Effective Landing Page

Here’s your quick list of must-haves when creating a landing page for your business. Get ready for your landing pages to connect and convert like never before with these 8 essentials:

  1. Captivating Headline: Grab your reader’s attention with a compelling headline that sparks curiosity and clearly communicates the value proposition of your offer. Make it impossible for them to resist reading further.

  2. Engaging Subheadline: Support your headline with a concise and impactful subheadline that provides more context and entices your audience to continue exploring the page. Show them the benefits they can expect.

  3. Persuasive Copy: Craft persuasive and customer-centric copy that focuses on the unique selling points of your product or service. Highlight the benefits, address pain points, and establish an emotional connection. Use storytelling techniques to captivate and resonate with your audience.

  4. Clear Call-to-Action: Place a prominent and visually appealing call-to-action (CTA) button that clearly communicates the desired action you want your audience to take. Use action-oriented language that creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate engagement.

  5. Compelling Visuals: Incorporate eye-catching visuals, such as high-quality images, videos, or graphics, that support your messaging and evoke emotions. Visuals should align with your brand and help convey the value of your offer.

  6. Trust Indicators: Build trust and credibility by including trust indicators, such as customer testimonials, case studies, client logos, or social proof. Show that others have benefited from your product or service, reinforcing the decision-making process.

  7. Short and Sweet Form: Keep your form straightforward, asking only for essential information, like first name and email address. The fewer blanks they have to fill out (and the less personal data they have to share), the more likely users are to complete the form.

  8. Benefit-Oriented Bullets: Use concise and benefit-driven bullet points to highlight the value of your offer to your readers. They might not care about the technical features, but they absolutely care about how it solves their problems or meets their needs.

Quick tip: an effective landing page is not just about the elements I’ve got listed above. It’s also about the flow, the storytelling, and the emotional connection you create with your audience. Combine persuasive copy, engaging visuals, and user-friendly design to create a landing page that captivates and converts.

If you need help getting the persuasive copy nailed down, I’ve got a copy template with your name on it! It’s got an easy-to-follow landing page template and guided prompts to help you write high-converting copy for your freebie landing page, PLUS 4 email templates to deliver your freebie and nurture your new subscriber.

5 Ways To Craft Landing Page Copy That Resonates

If your copy on your landing page isn’t compelling, nobody is going to click the download button or join your email list. And if nobody’s downloading, you’re missing out on growing your audience and business! I’ve got 5 strategies to craft landing page copy that resonates with your readers and inspires action.

Write Compelling Headlines

When it comes to your landing page, the headline is your first impression. It’s the difference between them clicking away or staying to learn more about your product or service.

So how do you create a compelling headline that captures attention?

First, it should be creative. Don’t be afraid to use humor or an unexpected twist. It also needs to be clear, communicating what your page is about and what value you’re offering. Finding that balance between clear and clever can be tough, but it’s crucial to hook your audience and move them into action.

Connect Emotionally

Every decision a person makes (including whether to stay on your landing page or not) is driven by emotion. As human beings, we are constantly experiencing a range of emotions, and it’s up to you to tap into those emotions and connect with your target audience.

If you can show that you understand their pain points and struggles, your readers will be more likely to trust you and engage with your message. It could be a desire to feel better about themselves, save time, connect with like-minded people, or simply feel safe and loved. Whatever that pain point is, use your landing page copy to show your reader you understand them, connect with them emotionally, and then show them how you uniquely solve that problem.

Inspire Action

You’re spending all this time creating a landing page with the hopes (and the expectations!) that readers will do something after they land there. Want to inspire an immediate response? It’s all about persuasive language and strong calls to action. Be clear, direct, and confident to establish authority and seal the deal.

And if you really want to add a sense of urgency, use time-limited offers or limited availability in your landing page offers. This strategy creates feelings of FOMO that motivate people to act quickly.

Maintaining Authentic Brand Voice

To truly connect with your audience, infusing your brand’s voice and tone into your copy is a must. They know (or want to get to know) you. They’re coming to you for expertise, experience, and insights only you can provide. So if your landing page sounds like a robot or anyone other than you, it can hurt your chances of converting visitors.

If you’re not sure what your brand’s voice and tone are, take some time to define them. Do you want to be friendly and conversational? Authoritative and professional? Humorous and lighthearted? You get to decide! Once you’ve figured out your unique voice, use it consistently across your landing page copy.

Your landing page is only as good as the words you put on it, so now is not the time to slap together words or copy and paste from ChatGPT.

Using Testimonials to Increase Conversions

Now’s not the time to be shy or overly humble. It’s your chance to brag on yourself, your brand, and why you are the best at what you do. And the best way to do that is by letting other people do the talking. 

Nothing is more convincing than hearing how much someone loved your product or service from someone just like you. These testimonials act like word-of-mouth referrals, building trust and demonstrating your value to potential customers. By showcasing real people who have had positive experiences with your business, you reassure visitors and potential customers that they’re making the right choice in choosing you. 

Your turn!

Ready for landing pages that increase your credibility and drive conversions? You can DIY it today! Whether you’re in the wedding industry trying to get brides to download a free wedding timeline PDF or a free webinar for business and lifestyle coaches, my freebie funnel copy template will help you grow your email list with landing pages that convert and email templates that help you build a relationship with subscribers from the start.

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