How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram bio is the snapshot and introduction to your brand. You’ll want to make sure that your bio is optimized to help you make the perfect first impression!

Ready to find out what it takes to create the perfect Instagram bio?

Switch to a Business Profile

If you want your Instagram page to be a resource for visitors, you’ll want to make it easy for them to contact you! One of the best ways to do that is to convert your account to a business profile. Switching to a business profile also gives you the ability to add essential contact information directly in your bio! Once you’ve made the switch, you can share your email address, phone number, and physical address on your profile. Now, a visitor can click on any of these links in your bio and reach out to you directly.

Attract Your Ideal Audience

While trying to decide how to create your bio, it’s important to consider what your visitors are looking for; focus your copy on how you serve or inspire your ideal followers. If you want to get loyal followers, they need to understand what you and your business are about. If you want to stand out in a particular industry or profession, you should include those details in your bio. Think about how you can effectively use the 150 characters in your Instagram bio to attract fans and customers!

Use the Name Field for Keywords

For Instagram, your name is different from your username! The words in your name field are searchable within the app. Instead of using your name, add targeted keywords. Think about the keywords you want to stand out in and what your followers are searching. Once you find the right keywords, add them into your name field.

Add Links Within Your Bio

Instagram supports links to usernames and hashtags that you add! When you include a hashtag or @ in your profile, it automatically links to the tagged content or account. Visitors can now click directly through to view the content. Use this to share your company’s branded hashtag or other Instagram accounts. This allows you to share your content with the community and invite others to join in as well.

Drive More Traffic Using A Landing Page

You can simplify driving traffic to your website with the URL in your profile. Create a Linktree or build a web page to offer links to multiple URLs like blog posts, freebies, and product pages. Now, instead of having to change the URL and the call-to-action above it continually, you have an established page for all the different pages you want to share with your followers.

*Let users know what’s in it for them if they click your link. Need help crafting the perfect call to action? Check out this post to learn all about CTAs.

Share Your Best Stories as Highlights

Instagram Highlights are permanent collections of your very best stories that you can pin to the top of your page. You can think of highlights like a trailer for your feed, and they’re the perfect way to share your story with new profile visitors. Your highlights allow you to share so much more than you could in a few sentences in your Instagram bio. Be strategic in setting them up and organizing them. What are your followers looking for? How can you best showcase your brand and offerings? Highlight your products or services and share behind-the-scenes shots to make the most of your highlights.

Optimizing your Instagram bio is an essential part of building your brand and attracting your ideal audience! Take some time to revisit your current bio and ensure you’re making the perfect first impression with each visitor.

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