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For two years, I worked at Pushpay as a Content Marketing Manager, creating content for the customer segment and protestant prospects. Over those two years, I wrote over 200 emails, collateral for 25 webinars, hundreds of social posts, more than 100 blog posts, dozens of ebooks, and 12 customer case studies, and… just to name a few. I’ll break down some of my favorite (and most successful) campaigns from those years.

The Work

More Than Sunday

In the summer of 2023, I worked on a campaign to help churches engage their congregants. We kept asking, how can we encourage churches to make ministry (and engagement with their congregants) a daily practice? Why is church only on Sundays? That’s where the name “More Than Sunday” started. The message became an overarching topic in Pushpay content instead of another quarter-long prospecting campaign.

It became the first joint campaign between Pushpay and their recently acquired church livestreaming company, Resi. That joint campaign meant double the audience size and double the content. We created unique emails, ebooks, infographics, blogs, and more so that while the overarching message stayed the same, the content was relevant and helpful to the brand’s different customers and personas.

The first major piece of content I created for this campaign was From Sunday to Everyday: Unlock Your Ministry’s Full Potential. It addressed the idea that engagement is the new attendance and answered the question church leaders everywhere were asking: “What does an engagement-centric approach look like?” It offers powerful strategies and thought-provoking questions on topics from digital tools to cultivating a culture of daily engagement, so churches can get insights, and then take action.

After the launch of the ebook, I went on to create another ebook, A Field Guide for Asking the Right Questions About Your Church’s Data. In the first part of the campaign, we focused heavily on engagement and meeting people where they’re at. But to follow it up, I wanted churches to be able to see their own data around engagement, and be able to make informed decisions, so they could adjust their strategies. I knew that data holds immense value, I just needed to help churches know what exactly to look for.

Customer Webinars

Shortly after I joined the team, the customer marketing segment launched monthly customer webinars with topics ranging from product adoption to nurturing customers with strategy sessions for seasonal challenges. Every month brought a new topic, new strategies and best practices to A/B test, and a new opportunity to help them make the most of their existing tools. I wrote invitation emails, landing pages, thank you pages, confirmation emails, social media posts, and more each month to excite and invite customers.

Pushpay Insights Product Launch

In the spring of 2024, Pushpay launched a new product to make data analytics accessible for church staff without the need for expertise in number crunching. Pushpay Insights helps churches keep their finger on the pulse of their ministry by showing crucial metrics like attendance and giving in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. And the best part? It can easily export lists of people so churches can take action on the insights they’re seeing. Noticing consistent gaps in the number of volunteers? Export a list of congregants who are attending and engaged with the church and prompt them to volunteer.

My favorite part of the process was ghostwriting a blog post for the company’s CTO, Aaron Sennef. While it was intentionally pointing readers to the new product, the blog also brought heart and personality to the launch by bringing Aaron’s story and experience at Pushpay to life for everyone who read it.

SEO Blogs

With more than 10 years in the marketplace, a brand refresh that launched a few months before I started working, and the competitive landscape of church SaaS, SEO quickly became a crucial part of the company’s marketing efforts. I used the web team’s keyword research suggestions to write long-form blogs that answered crucial questions for prospective customers, establishing the brand as a a thought leader, and an empathetic company ready to help them achieve their goals.

Some of my most successful blog posts were:
+ 11 Donor Relationship Management Strategies That Keep Funds Flowing – ranking #1 for the search term “donor relationship management strategies”
+ How to Create a Church Communication Strategy – ranking #3 for “congregation communications”
+ Must-Have Church Management System Features ranking #2 for “church management system features” and #3 for “what is a church management system”
+ The Definitive Guide to Church Technology 2024 – ranking #3 for “church technology”


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