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We all know that creating quality content takes a lot of time. From conducting keyword research to brainstorming article ideas or writing a video script and gathering quotes, the task list goes on and on. That content also needs to be shared across an ever-growing list of platforms. 

For most of us, the time-consuming cycle of content creation repeats and repeats, always focusing on the next post. The time it takes to publish new resources adds up. We all have too much to do and not enough time to get it done. 

 But by repurposing your content, you can draw from previous blogs, videos, or other assets and cut down on time it takes to make new content.

Start Repurposing Your Content

Ultimately, you want a way to repurpose your content so you can reach more people on more platforms without sacrificing your content’s quality. In this blog, I’m sharing my top tips to extend the life of content by repurposing it. 

Here are 5 ways to repurpose and repost your content and get your time back.

1. Repurpose your long-form content

Repurposing content is easiest when you start with a big piece of content and break it into smaller snack-size pieces. It’s better to take a video, blog, or email and break that up into social media posts than it is to start with an Instagram post. So you want to create your big piece of content first. 

You can start with a blog post. After writing it, you can email it out to your list, share the link with a quote on Facebook, and use that quote in a graphic for an Instagram post. You’ve now taken one piece of content and repurposed it in three ways. 

If you’re focused on your social media, you could take a Facebook post, and two days later, take the same post and share it on Instagram. Then two days later, take the same idea and use that content in an Instagram story. 

2. Get past the fear of bothering people

Seriously, it’s not going to happen. It’s easy to get consumed with the worry that sharing our content more than once will annoy someone if the content on multiple platforms or twice in one week. But the truth is someone seeing it the first time is already super slim. 

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t repurpose your content. It’s taken you time and energy to create that piece. Don’t you want to extend the life of your content?

3. Refresh old content

As you’re reviewing your library of content, you may come across some posts that had potential when you wrote them but aren’t entirely accurate today. Change happens, after all. 

Take some time to update those old posts with new information. When you publish your edited version, you can add a quick note at the beginning or end to let readers know about the post’s origins.

Share those updated posts with your audience, and you’ll be able to salvage those great ideas and make them valuable again. 

4. Round-up your top posts

A simple way to repurpose your content is to create a round-up post. Round-up posts are a great way to drive traffic to other web pages and build your search engine authority around niche keywords. 

All you have to do is create a collection of content and link it in your new round-up post. Then, you can share the post to your email list and social media. Podcasts, blog posts, videos, or even freebies you’ve created can be compiled into a round-up post. 

5. Consider your long-term strategy

As you repurpose content, you should also think about the content you want to create and share in the future. Having a long term strategy isn’t about creating for this week alone. It’s about making a plan for the next 30 days, six months, or even a year. 

Start paying attention to what content performs best. If you have a social media post that gets great engagement, you can use that same caption and switch out the photo to share it 30 days later.

For longer-form content, you also need a strategy for making it long-lasting. It’s easy to write a blog post and wait for people to find it, but this strategy is not working. Take that same post and email your list, share it on social media, create a pin image, and share it on Pinterest.

And don’t stop there – take it even further. Mix your blog posts into your social media schedule. When you write a blog, you can share it three or six months later and increase the views and consumption of your content.

If you’re looking to take the busy out of business while building your brand, it’s time to embrace repurposing your content. Need help developing content to be repurposed? I can help! Let’s chat about how I can support you and your business goals.

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