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About the Client

Hannah of Roost & Harbor holds many titles, from wife to mom to photographer to chicken raiser! What immediately drew me into her work and brand was Hannah’s heart for saving everyday moments and keeping the feelings, thoughts, sounds, and smells of the moment alive forever in a photo. She is bold, fun, and full of joy, all of which are evident in her photography style.

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About the Project


For most websites I work on, clients land on my site, fill out my contact form, and then schedule a quick call for us to get to know Each other. But Roost & Harbor Photography is a unique brand, and Hannah’s experience was different from that of a typical client. This fun and funky gal wasn’t actually the first person to reach out to me; her website designer was. Karima Creative’s team was ready to take the new look and feel and turn it into a website, but Hannah’s project was put on pause because there weren’t any words for them to design the site around, and there was a problem with the original copywriter she had hired.

Hannah’s project moved way quicker than most others, but we clicked quickly, and I was 37 weeks pregnant. We both had big looming due dates, and we wanted to get the website done fast. After our first call, I had a few jobs to do: get to know her, find the words she couldn’t find herself, and write her entire website before she got home from a week at the beach.


I spent 30-ish minutes on the phone with Hannah on her drive to Florida. The night before, I’d been lining up questions to make the most of our time. I needed to know what she loved about her website, what she was so excited to change with her new one, and really (this is the big one) who she is. In the first few minutes of our call, I knew she was an absolute light. Hannah brings joy, fun, and a little bit of funk wherever she goes. And she has chickens and goats on her funny little farm! What more could you want!! I was so excited to work with her and tell her story on a fresh new website.

After Hannah graciously answered my questions and listened to me feverishly type out her responses, I went back to her website and Instagram for more research. Then, I opened a Google Doc and started tackling her home page. I thought about her ideal clients—couples and families vacationing in Door Country and wanting to save those memories for years to come. I leaned into Hannah’s love for nostalgia, family scrapbooks, and being able to point to pictures and say, “remember when…” The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. As I typed out descriptions of her services, writing to the sweet brides-to-be, moms-to-be, and families Hannah wanted to work with. In my brief conversations with Hannah (and some serious stalking of her client reviews), I could tell she had a way of making her clients feel comfortable and at ease as they made memories.


Your story deserves to be heard. Let’s work together to find the heart of your story and write the words your clients need to hear.

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