Sheridan Paige Photography

About the Client

Sheridan Paige Photography is run by Sheridan, a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Buffalo, NY, who helps capture alllll the chapters in your life, so you end up with timeless photos that make these moments truly last forever. Sheridan has the biggest heart, the kindest smile and is always looking on the brighter side (unless, of course, she’s going for some moody, artsy wedding photos).

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About the Project

The Problem

Sheridan was going through rebranding and a new website design, and wanted fresh new words to go along with the fresh new look she was getting! Then, a year after her website was launched (yep, we’ve been working together for a loooong time), she was feeling the pressure to add blogs to her site. She’d heard that it’s good for your SEO, but didn’t have the time or the interest to tackle it herself.

My Approach

Brand Messaging

Sheridan and I chatted about who she is, how she works, and who she wants to work with. Based on her style, her goals, and her industry, I developed a personalized brand narrative to lay the foundation for all the copy to go on her website (and other copy projects in the future).

Once we had Sheridan’s brand message, with her heart and compassion for her work woven through, we nailed down taglines, and started tackling the bigger copy projects.

Website Copy

I used her clearly defined brand voice—one that’s a blend of professional expertise and warm, heartfelt passion, and fun—to write the copy for her website. We created a homepage that felt as home-y and warm and friendly as Sheridan is during an introductory call with a potential couple. Then, I moved on to the rest of her website—building out an about page that felt authentic and service pages for weddings and portraits.

Blog Copy

Even after all this time, it was easy to jump back into writing in Sheridan’s warm and kind brand voice with the 20+ brand messaging document I had created for her. I used that document, plus a completed questionnaire from her former brides to write long, detailed, and personality-packed blog posts about weddings I had never attended!


Now, she has a website that shows off her personality and connects with brides who want to capture the meaningful and the memorable moments forever. Her webpages speak authentically for her, and connect with her ideal clients, because she’s booking out a year ahead of time for weddings! And for her blogs? They’re the cherry on top, bringing to life the hundreds of photos she takes at each wedding in a way that builds her credibility as a photographer and shows potential couples exactly what their wedding day could look like.


Your story deserves to be heard. Let’s work together to find to the heart of your story and write the words your clients need to hear.