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About the Client

As a board-certified full practice authority advanced practice nurse with over a decade of experience, mom, and business owner, Lyndsie has her hands full but radiates joy whenever you interact with her. She has a passion for embracing natural beauty and making sure everyone feels welcome and beautiful.
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About the Project

The Problem

Lyndsie had bought a new location, gotten a new logo (and a fresh new name), and was getting ready to build a new website. She was at the threshold of a major rebranding milestone for her boutique medical aesthetic practice, and she knew she needed fresh new website copy, too. But the thought of finding the right words to say (or even the time to write them!) was too much. So Lyndsie turned to me to write copy that brought her new brand to life online.

My Approach

With so many creatives involved, the first step was to look through everything that had already been created for this new brand. I was scrolling through brand guidelines, color palettes, customer research, and more. I knew that all these pieces had been intentionally created, and they all influenced how and what I would write for her website.

Website Copy

Getting to the heart of The Luminary brand was key. I wanted to make sure the website wasn’t just informative but irresistibly inviting, making every reader feel like they’re just a click away from unlocking their best self. As I wrote the copy, I kept thinking about making the website a warm hug in digital form—a place where Lyndsie’s expertise and empathy shine brightly.

As I wrote each page, the words came easier and easier, reading as authentic and engaging as a heart-to-heart with your bestie. Drawing from Lyndsie’s personal and professional journey, I crafted copy that sings her praises without missing a beat on what she offers: a chance to embrace your natural beauty, guided by someone who genuinely cares.


The result? A website that doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the beauty walk.

The newly crafted website copy for The Luminary captures Lyndsie’s vision for her brand: a celebration of natural beauty, an embrace of individuality, and a commitment to providing a welcoming, uplifting experience. Through carefully chosen words and a tone that mirrors Lyndsie’s own warmth and passion, the website invites visitors to explore the world of aesthetic beauty in a way that feels personal, empowering, and genuinely inviting. Now, The Luminary’s online presence is as radiant as the services it offers, inviting clients old and new to discover just how beautiful they can feel, inside and out.


Your story deserves to be heard. Let’s work together to find to the heart of your story and write the words your clients need to hear.

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