From Baskets to Brunch: A New Mom’s Advice for Celebrating Easter

The Easter season is here, and it’s time to break out the pastels and bunny ears. As a new mom, I am so excited to share this special time with my little one and create new traditions for our growing family. For me, Easter has always been a time of reflection, gratitude, and of course, chocolate. This year, I’m determined to make our Easter celebrations even more special than before. If you’re also looking for some inspiration, then keep reading for some of my favorite Easter ideas that are sure to bring joy and fun to your celebrations. Whether you’re planning on putting together the perfect Easter basket for your kids or creating a beautiful brunch spread, I’ve got you covered.

So let’s hop to it!

Easter Basket Ideas

Making an Easter basket can be one of the most enjoyable activities leading up to the holiday. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow and create a magical experience for your little ones. When it comes to filling your child’s basket, there are endless possibilities.

For me, filling an Easter basket is about more than just candy and toys. I like to add some fun, like a new swimsuit (because we’re all anxious for summer to be here!). And, of course, there will always be some obligatory Easter basket fillers like stickers, small toys, and dollar store finds. But beyond the tangible items, creating a special experience for your child is what truly makes Easter unforgettable.

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To help you create a truly special Easter basket for your little ones, here’s a couple of suggestions:

  • Fill it with things they love – Think about your child’s favorite books, small trinkets, toys, and snacks. Use these items as inspiration for filling their basket with things they already love.

  • Add personalized touches – Adding a personalized touch to their basket shows them how much you care about them. A monogrammed mug or custom t-shirt can be a special reminder of this Easter for years to come.

Easter Sunday Outfits for kids

Whether you’re planning on attending church, having a family gathering, or just a fun egg hunt, picking out the perfect Easter outfit for your little ones is a must-do.

There are a few things to think about when choosing the perfect Easter outfit for your kids. First off, you’ll want to consider the weather. If it’s going to be warm, you’ll want to choose light and breathable fabrics that will keep your kids cool and comfortable. If it’s still a bit chilly, consider layering with a cute sweater or jacket.

Next up, let’s talk about colors. Easter is all about pastels and bright shades: soft pinks, baby blues, and light greens are all great options. Grab a flowy dress or matching shirt and skirt for girls, and boys can rock a cute pastel button-up shirt or polo.

Accessories are also super important when it comes to completing the perfect Easter look. A cute hat or bow for girls, or a bowtie for boys, can add that special Easter touch to any outfit. And don’t forget about the shoes! Choose a pair that is comfortable and practical for your child while still adding a cute touch to their overall look. They’re gonna need sturdy shoes to hunt for all those easter eggs!

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This year’s Easter Sunday

Easter started with the sweetest cinna-bunny rolls! I saw this idea on Pinterest last year and knew I wanted to make it a tradition for Aubrey.

We spent the day enjoying the sunshine, and Aubrey played with new toys from her easter basket while mama and dada snacked on some chocolate bunnies! It was such a sweet day with family, celebrating being together and the resurrection of Jesus!!

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