What is a CTA?

Do you ever feel like digital marketing is an entirely different language? It’s can be so frustrating to have a conversation with someone who says they can help and you end up having to make a mental note to look up every other word or acronym they use. You’re a small business trying to understand how to use social media to help market your business, not a tech startup CEO. Today we’re diving in to CTAs.


A CTA or Call to Action is a photo or text that directly encourages your audience to take further action. Examples of a CTA:

  • A button on a website that encourages visitors to download free content.

  • Captions in a social media post that encourage your audience to comment, like, or visit your website.

  • A social sharing button at the end of a blog post.

The purpose is to engage your audience and keep the relationship moving forward. Whether you’re asking a question in a post or offering a free resource, a CTA keeps your audience engaged and gets them used to taking action on your posts and content. Calls to Action help increase your social media engagement, improve your ranking in algorithms, and keep potential customers moving closer to making an appointment.

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