7 Tips To Write Compelling Copy

Copy is everywhere. In any blog post, website, social media post, landing page, emails, and ads, the words you use are copy. And when the copy is compelling, it draws in readers and converts them. 

Ready to write copy that’s compelling and converts? Here are 7 tips to write compelling copy and connect with your ideal audience.

1. Write Headlines with a Hook

While all copy is important, headlines are the most frequently read on any webpage. This is because they’re larger, shorter, and skimmable. Make sure your headlines are clear, but that they also convey a little bit of the personality that makes your company unique!

2. Make it About Your Reader

Whenever you can change an “our” sentence to a “your” sentence, do it! In the world of marketing, organizations and businesses are not the heroes. The consumer or customer is the hero, and the organization is their guide.

By shifting the lens in your copy from yourself to your audience, you’re engaging them directly! Now, you’ve positioned yourself as the guide on their journey, and they can visualize how you solve their problems.

3. Keep it Skimmable 

Treat most of the copy on your website like your resume, and pretend that a customer is the hiring manager you’re appealing to. Show how you can bring value to a customer quickly and clearly.

Most people will be on your site for a matter of seconds before they decide if your services are the right fit. Make sure they’re getting what they need in those vital seconds! 

4. Define Your Voice

The voice is how an organization sounds and feels. It’s characterized by word choice, language, and style.

One of the first things I ask when developing a brand voice is, how does this brand say hello?

The answer could be anything from a casual “hi there” to a formal “we are at your service.” Simply knowing the brand’s greeting can help me expand the tone and voice throughout the brand’s copywriting. 

Whatever voice you write your website copy in, it should reflect the voice you want to portray and match the voice your audience responds to.

5. Avoid Jargon 

Remember that a person is coming to you for your expertise, so they may not be familiar with industry terms right away. Unless you offer a brief definition, jargon can not only confuse but also unintentionally intimidate potential clients from moving forward with you. Use language anyone can understand, and your audience will appreciate you all the more! 

6. Make it Actionable

Your copy should be working hard on your website! Inject action verbs and phrases, particularly those that make the reader envision doing or achieving something.

  • Launch

  • Drive

  • Create

  • Innovate

  • Grow

  • Explore

A call-to-action (CTA), as it’s known in marketing lingo, should help guide your audience through their journey to purchasing a product or service. A CTA can be a link in copy or a well-placed button that leads to more information, whether it’s a product details page, helpful blog, or contact form. CTA’s are another great way to inject brand personality — ask me how! 

7. Be Concise

 In the crucial seconds you’re allotted to win a customer’s attention, compelling copywriting is a non-negotiable must-have. 

Use short sentences and paragraphs in your messaging to hold their attention. The only exceptions to this tip are if you’re creating an in-depth resource, like an ultimate guide or tutorial.

Make Every Word Count

Creating copy that captivates and converts is something I’m passionate about! Together, we can make sure you’re getting the most out of every single word. Get in touch today!

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