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About the Client

Dylan Sparks, a sports photographer and expert in senior portraits, knows the power of freezing life’s precious moments in time. Hailing from the heart of Illinois, Dylan’s used his camera to capture the triumphs of athletes at state championships and the joy of high-school seniors embarking on their next chapter.

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About the Project

The Problem

Ready to invest in his business with his first website, Dylan knew he wanted one that was professionally written and designed. But, Dylan needed help writing his website in a way that would connect the same way he does in person during his photography sessions. As a people person that can make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, Dylan needed to find a way to make the words on his website evoke that same feeling and tell stories as beautifully as his photos do.

My Approach

Dylan’s website process went a little out of order. He hired Karima Creative, and her team designed a great logo and a vibrant website. The only problem? The website was full of dummy, lorem ipsum text! Like so many other business owners, Dylan felt frozen staring at the pages, not sure how to express his heart for photography. After all, he is a photographer and uses his camera to do so much of the storytelling.

Crafting the Narrative

I started with a brand messaging strategy so we could intentionally get to the heart of his business. We walked through what matters to Dylan, who his ideal clients are, what they need, and how Dylan helps them. Based on the answers to all those big questions, I wrote a brand message, a client avatar, and tagline options for his brand.

Writing The Website

Today, Dylan Sparks’ website is a testament to his style, his art, and his passion. The words we used across his site show prospective senior and sports photo clients that Dylan does more than capture images. He’s capturing emotions, stories, and life’s extraordinary moments.


Your story deserves to be heard. Let’s work together to find to the heart of your story and write the words your clients need to hear.

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