How to Hire a Good Copywriter (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Hey there, friend! So you’re on the hunt for a copywriter.

As a business owner, there’s already so much on your plate, and finding a good copywriter can feel like one more task (that you probably didn’t even sign up to do when you launched your business). As a seasoned copywriter and fellow business owner, I’ve got the inside scoop to help you easily navigate this process.

Step 1: Figuring Out if You Need a Copywriter

First things first, let’s determine whether you really need a copywriter. Are you spending more hours than you’d like wrestling with words? Perhaps you’re finding it challenging to convey your brand’s message in an authentic way that resonates with your audience? If you’re nodding along, bringing a copywriter on board could be a breath of fresh air. They can help articulate your brand story and free up some time for you to focus on what you do best.

But if you’re just tired of writing captions on social media (same ‍♀️) or struggling with how to improve conversions in your monthly newsletter, someone specialized in those industries, like a social media manager or email marketer, may be a better fit.

Step 2: Identifying the Type of Copywriter You Need

Copywriters come in all shapes and sizes, each with their unique flair. Some have niched down into specific industries, while others are wizards across various types of content – think blog posts, newsletters, or website copy. Understanding your needs will help you find a copywriter who fits like a glove.

Is Specialist Knowledge a Must?

Depending on your industry and the nature of your content, you might be pondering whether you need a copywriter with specialist knowledge. If your field is filled with intricate jargon, a niche-specific copywriter could be a good fit. However, a talented generalist copywriter can also dive in, learn the ropes of your industry, and craft compelling content.

What Level of Expertise Do You Need in a Copywriter?

The expertise level you need from a copywriter hinges on your project’s complexity and budget. If you’re looking for someone to add a little sparkle to your blog posts, a budding copywriter could be just what you need. But if you’re aiming for a full-blown website makeover, a major blog overhaul, or a captivating and strategic brand message, you’ll likely want to invest in a copywriter with more experience.

Step 3: Decide on Your Budget

Before you start your search, take a moment to decide on your budget. Just like any investment in your business, the cost of a copywriter can vary. It’s about finding the sweet spot between what you can afford and the value the copywriter brings to your brand.

Step 4: Start Looking Around for Potential Copywriters

Now that you have a clear idea of what type of copywriter you need and your budget, it’s time to start searching for potential candidates. Here are some places to start:

  • Your Network or Referrals: Ask around! You’d be surprised how many people in your network might know a fabulous copywriter.

  • Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are brimming with talented copywriters showcasing their work.

  • Me!: Hiiiii, I’m right here and ready to help if you need me!

Step 5: Book Consultation or Introduction Calls

Once you’ve found some potential fits, schedule consultation calls. This is your chance to get a feel for their personality, working style, and whether they “get” your brand. It’s also an opportunity to discuss rates, timelines, and scope of work.

Step 6: Ask Your Most Important Questions

During these calls, don’t shy away from asking questions. Some key questions to consider include:

  • How did you get into copywriting?

  • What’s your copywriting approach?

  • What are your business values?

  • Do you collaborate with designers?

  • Can I see writing samples?

  • What’s the process of working with you?

  • How comfortable are you emulating different brand voices?

  • What’s your favorite brand for copy inspiration?

  • What kinds of businesses are your favorite to write for?

  • When’s your next availability?

  • If we ended up needing more copy than anticipated, would you be open to that with short notice?

Step 7: Choose the Right Copywriter and Get Started!

After your calls, take some time to digest everything you’ve learned. Reflect on who resonated most with you and who you believe can bring your brand’s voice to life. Once you’ve picked your wordsmith, it’s time to get started! 

When You Should Hire a Copywriter

Not sure when to hire a copywriter and when it works to DIY? I get it. I’m a big fan of DIYing, but there have definitely been some business projects (and even home renovations) that I’ve gotten halfway through and realized I needed to hand over to a pro. 

Here are some scenarios you might be in:

You’re Time-Strapped

As a business owner, your focus should be on growing and managing your business. If you find yourself spending more hours trying to find the perfect words than actually running your business, it might be time to hire a copywriter. They can help craft your brand message while freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out and the budget is tight, it’s okay to rely on templates or to DIY your copy. Templates can provide a solid foundation, and with a little tweaking, you can use them to write content that reflects your brand voice (or even uncover what exactly your brand voice is).

Your Brand Message Is Getting Lost

If your brand message feels diluted or isn’t resonating with your audience, a professional copywriter can step in and turn things around. They know how to articulate your unique selling proposition and make your brand stand out.

You Have a Strong Grasp of Your Brand Voice

If you’re confident in your brand voice and have a knack for writing, DIYing your copy could be a good fit. Just remember to keep your audience front and center, focusing on the benefits your product or service brings to them.

Your Website Content Isn’t Converting

Your website is your virtual storefront or front door. So, it’s time for an intervention if it’s not converting curious visitors into committed customers. A copywriter knows the ins and outs of creating engaging, action-driven content that boosts conversions.

Templates and DIY can get you by, and I’ve even built some based on my 6+ years writing copy for businesses just like yours. But nothing beats the human touch of a dedicated copywriter who can breathe life into your brand and craft a compelling narrative that truly resonates with your audience.

3 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring a Copywriter

Rushing the Process: In the excitement (and sometimes urgency) of looking, it’s easy to rush hiring. But remember, finding a great copywriter takes time. Ensure you take the time to vet properly and find someone who truly understands your brand.

Ignoring the Importance of a Good Fit: Not every skilled copywriter will be the right fit for your brand. It’s essential to find someone who not only writes well but also resonates with your brand voice and values.

Focusing Too Much on Cost: While budgeting is important, don’t let cost be your only deciding factor. The value that a good copywriter brings can far outweigh their cost. Quality over quantity.

Expert Tips to Hire the Right Copywriter

Don’t Pay Attention to Geography

In our digital world, the location of your copywriter doesn’t matter. What counts is their ability to understand your brand and connect with your audience.

Ask for Samples

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a sample is worth even more when hiring a copywriter. Remember that you can request samples or scroll through their blogs and portfolios to get a feel for their writing style and versatility.

Communication is Key

Ensure your chosen copywriter is easy to communicate with and responsive. Clear, open communication will make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Hiring the right copywriter for your business is a crucial process that requires careful consideration and due diligence. Remember to ask the important questions, don’t rush the process, and always keep in mind the uniqueness of your brand’s voice and messaging. A proficient copywriter will not only articulate your brand’s message effectively but also enhance your connection with your audience and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

So, there you have it—your comprehensive guide to hiring a standout copywriter. Armed with these tips, you can confidently move forward in finding a copywriter that aligns with your business values and takes your brand’s messaging to the next level.

Great copy is more than just words on a page—it’s your brand’s voice in the world. And with the right copywriter by your side, your voice can be heard loud and clear.

Can This Copywriter Elevate Your Content?

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